Wasted 24/7 - Your Mom’s New Favorite Record

Your Mom’s New Favorite Record

Wasted 24/7 is a powerpop band from Bruges, Belgium. The band was founded in the spring of 2009 by the two guitarists who shared a passion for real music and classic rock bands from every decade. Over the next couple of years they managed to build a solid fanbase by playing shows all over the country while they released two well-received EP's (Undrugged and Nutmeg ).

This time they’re ready to introduce their first full length album called ‘Your mom’s new favorite record’.

The opening track Banana Peel is a real slap in the face, in a good way that is. From start to finish you’re getting sucked into a fun, fast punk song. I would not be surprised if some people took the lyric ‘Dance like there’s no one around’ seriously. I know I did. The guitar solos are outstanding. This is definitely the best song on the record.

Songs like ‘No Offense’ and ‘Run Away With You’ contain that typical fun, fast punk rock tune. The lyrics of these songs are so easy you can memorize them by only one listen.

‘Anchors Aweigh’ is a bit off the hook here. This song starts with a jazzy bass intro. After nearly 40 sec. some screamy vocals pop up and the jazzy tune transforms into a somewhat harder rock sound.  While listening, well in my case reading, the lyrics you’ll immediately understand the aggression in this song. The first sentence ‘Why are you always walking up to me like I’m your friend?’ says enough. I really don’t wanna be the guy they’re singing about. I wonder if that person even knows this song is about him…

Two songs on this album are a bit different because they’re a bit slower and more melodic.

‘Battle Royale’ is one of those songs. But to be honest, it’s not my kind of sound. Some will enjoy the ‘time of rest’ it will give you but I wasn’t quite convinced, so I skipped to the next song quite quickly. The other song is called ‘Black Dog’. This is an acoustic song. I can appreciate this song because the guitar sounds really powerful and clean but the vocals don’t come across the way they could.

I was actually on the verge of slightly losing my interest in this album due to these two songs, but then ‘Half Baked Burger’ started. What a song! I instantly pressed the replay button and raised the volume to its max. This song only lasts less than two minutes, but it contains everything I’m looking for in a song.

‘Party Song’ and ‘Writers Block’ are similar to ‘Half Baked Burger’. Fun to listen to!

If you’re like me, into fast punk, just skip ‘Battle Royale’, ‘Black Dog’ and rock/dance your socks off to the eight other songs. 

Best songs: 
Banana Peel Half Baked Burger