This Kid - Stitches


This Kid is a metal band from Antwerp. After their debut album from 2012 called ‘Covering The Tracks’ they’re ready to present their newest EP ‘Stitches’.

The cover art is a bit spooky but also a bit funny. My first thought when I saw it was a picture of The Silver Surfer who fell off his board after a drunk night and crashed into a thorn-bush after which he took a selfie and placed ‘what the fuck happened last night’ as a comment.

But enough of that… Let’s talk about the music. When the first song ‘Never Better’ start you’ll instantly know this isn’t a records for sissies.

This song, as well as the other four songs, is a serious ‘noise cannon’. Each song contains some very powerful/heavy metal riffs but the thing I really like is the attention the band spent on making catchy/common melodies. The band didn’t get stuck in the past (80’s – 90’s metal) but are serving us some modern metal with a lot of variation in structure and sound (scream – clean).

Songs like ‘The Cause’ and Like Cannibals are two of a mixture (sometimes even a kind of duet) between the clean vocals and the screams. The variation between these two types of vocals will keep your attention throughout the entire release.

Fans of the ‘harder’ work will love ‘Liquid Shelter’ and ‘Wisenheimer’.  The screams in these songs are truly outstanding.

You don’t have to be a hardcore/metal fan to like this band. Due to the different switches between clean vocals and screams, the numerous instrumental breaks and the catchy melodies ‘Stitches’ is an EP which could attract a whole bunch of different people. 

Best songs: 
Never Better