Royal Republic - Save The Nation

Save The Nation

Royal Republic generally is known to be a band that does not talk/sing about politics. However, one could doubt that reading the title of their new album “Save The Nation”. When you’re leafing through the track list, you immediately start to get a clue as to why they’ve chosen to name their album that way. They, namely, want to tell us it’s OK to break stereotypes. That thought, for instance, reoccurs in the song Everybody Wants To Be An Astronaut. A fun fact is that they wrote this album during their tour, which is still going on as we speak. These tracks basically were inspired by their live shows. They wanted to create the same atmosphere on stage and on their recorded album. The live recordings they made were somewhat edited in the studio, which actually is rather unfortunate. I think they would’ve come across much better if they weren’t edited at all. Compared to their last album, We Are Royals, we can hear a lot of new sound structures in Save The Nation. While the band hadn’t really fully developed their own typical sound yet in We Are Royals, this new album shows that they now definitely are a versatile band with a typical – and great – sound of their own. As I said before Royal Republic keeps surprising us with their versatility. While the song Punk Drunk Love has that real punk sound we’re all so familiar with while This Means War reminds me of songs by hardcore punk band Raised Fist. Not to mention the song Addictive, which was inspired by a kind of electronic beat. Whether they’re trying to reach a wide audience or not, I don’t know…
But what I do know is, I’m a fan and will surely attend their show in Antwerp on the 11th of November 2012. And who knows maybe we'll have a chance to get an interview with these guys.

Best songs: 
Tommy Gun