Pennywise - Land of the Free

Land of the Free

I have actually bought this record about a year ago, but haven’t ever noticed that it isn’t reviewed on punk updates. To me that’s a strange thing, because I pretty much expected to see every big band reviewed here. I do have heard lots of criticism about it, so maybe that’s the reason why a reviewer here hasn’t picked it up. Still I think people should also write reviews about albums they don’t like. Reviews, that say that albums are weak, can be used as an extra motivation by bands to do it better next time. The complaints about the record mainly are the lack of originality and it being to poppy. Now I think that it is really difficult for a band to decide whether to change their music or to stick with their own style. When they change it all, people are upset and tell each other how cool they used to be. But when they stick with their sound for years, bands become boring and uncreative and therefore uninteresting. So what should bands do really? Pennywise has chosen to stick with their sound and now they are accused of sounding like everyone else. I think to myself “is it Pennywise that is trying to sound like everyone else” or “haven’t the other bands trying to copy the sound that is so characteristic for Pennywise”. I really believe it’s the last one. Their music hasn’t bored me either and I still like their fast, melodic and powerful songs. About “Land of the free?” then. Although I have heard so many people complaining, I don’t think it’s bad at all. Once again Pennywise serves us 14 mostly up-tempo songs, with a total play length of 39 minutes and 30 seconds: above average. The music is also above average. No real stand out tracks on “land on the free?” but neither are there any weak ones. The motto “if you heard one track you have heard them all” pretty much applies on this record. If I have to name my favorites I’ll have to say “fuck authority”, “divine intervention” and “time marches on”, but I could also have chosen “land of the free” or “enemy”. The lyrics are also worth mentioning. Pretty much all of them are aimed at authority, war and people who pretty much have started the hate breed their selves. Something or someone must have pissed of these guys really badly, although they always had politics in their lyrics. So this is my honest opinion about the latest Pennywise record. I still like their music and it hasn’t changed much. To me it doesn’t really matters whether you are listening to “full circle”, “Straight ahead” or “Land of the free?”. Oh yeah and I don’t believe that Pennywise is pop-punk, so lets start the useless discussions about whether they are pop or not. Pop-punk is just a word, if it is pop-punk than it’s damn good pop-punk.

Best songs: 
Fuck authority