New Town Kings - Pull Up & Rewind

Pull Up & Rewind

Pull Up & Rewind is the latest release from Essex UK based, Trad-ska heroes, New Town Kings. I had never heard of this band but when I turned on this EP I just had to spread the word because after nearly 5 seconds a spontaneous smile appeared on my face.

Formed in 2007 the band have released two albums to date – Sounds Of The New Town  (2008) and M.O.J.O. (2012). There have been numerous comings and goings amongst the horn section (isn’t there always!) but in 2013 long time front man Chris decided to call it a day and the future was looking bleak for the band. After a few months of wondering and wandering, onto the scene stepped massively talented new singer Dabs Bonner. This was the shot in the arm they needed and with renewed energy and focus New Town Kings went into the studio and recorded the new EP.

When ‘Change’, the first song on the EP, smoothly starts the reggae vibes will grab you and you’ll instantly be hooked and moving to the typical catchy reggae beats. I kept dancing (well actually wobbling) until the last second of the last song called ‘Cool The Pressure Down’.

If you’re into reggae this EP is one you absolutely have to listen to. If you closed your eyes while listening to it you could imagine yourself being in Jamaica lying in a hammock or on a beach while sipping from a ‘Everything-You-Need-To-Know-About-Tiki-Bars-cocktail’.

There’s not much I can say about the rest… All the songs, the vibe, the reggae feeling are truly outstanding! It’s hard to believe this band comes from the UK. In my opinion the band proved themselves to be true Jamaicans. 

New Town Kings - Pull Up & Rewind

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Pull Up & Rewind
European release date: 
Sun, 07/13/2014

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