Heads Up High - Instant Karma

Instant Karma

Heads up High is a band that started out in 2011. After welcoming a new lead guitarist they reinvented their songs which they now describe as pop-punk/hardcore. After finding themselves a new drummer they’re here to present us their Debut album called ‘Instant Karma’.

The first song on this album ‘Apocalypse Now’ is a classical, musical song which could be used in a movie when a fallen hero regains his power/courage and marches to his enemy for the ultimate battle.

I have to admit I like these kind of intros. In this case the intro amplifies the next song called ‘All over my head’.   The drums and the guitar riffs are overwhelming. Unfortunately the clean vocals are missing that ‘extra’ power but this improves a bit towards the ending.  The sporadic screaming parts on the other hand really stand out and if the bridge doesn’t make your head bang up and down there’s something wrong with your ears.

‘Shout’ and ‘Broken Glass’ contains that power in the clean vocals I was missing during the first song. Once again the screaming parts are truly stunning.

Fear is the odd one out here because there are almost no clean vocals. Right before the song ends you’ll hear a quote from ‘Yu-Gi-oh’ (a Japanese manga series) ‘It’s time to duel!!’ This gives the song a fun note amongst the manga fans (especially when you didn’t expect it during a song like this). Overall this song is, in my opinion, the one that stands out the most. If you’re more into a mixture of screaming and clean vocals I recommend Shout.

Erase My Mind and Generation Y are comparable with ‘Shout’ and ‘Broken Glass’ however Generation Y starts off with a kick ass (somewhat) classical intro before hell bursts open. In the end we’re even getting a military march song.

Overall: in my opinion this debut album by Heads up High is an album that has some real potential. The clean vocals are missing some power now and then but the screaming vocals, the tight drums (thanks to Roel V. Helden who filled in during the recording) and the lively guitar/power breaks really lift this album to a really high level. 

Best songs: