Face to Face - Three Chords and a Half Truth

Three Chords and a Half Truth

You can count the number of bands who've stayed together for over 20 years on two hands, and you can use just one to count those who've consistently released quality material for the duration of those two decades. Face To Face enter that esteemed category. Over the past 22 years Face To Face has sold over 750,000 albums, and played sold out venues all across the world, and they've done it on their own terms. The band’s new album "Three Chords and a Half Truth" was self-produced and recorded at front man Trevor Keith's home studio in Nashville, TN. With their new release they're showing just why they've become one of the most respected and appreciated punk bands of all time. 

When listening to this release while reading a lot of different opinions I noticed that there were a lot of different kinds of reviews… Some people loved it while others are asking serious questions…

There are fans who’ve been hoping for Face To Face to make their eventual return to that typical early-90s “Disconnected” sound (album Everything Is Everything). I’ve got some bad news for those fans, because these punk veterans are experimenting with some old school sounds. And by old school I mean bands like The Clash and The Jam. This album is more mid-tempo than most of the band’s previous releases and that’s the thing some people don’t like.

For people like me, who seem to appreciate a lot of different types of music, this album is innovative and therefore not a bad thing at all.

Face To Face gives us a release in which we still can find pieces of their ‘musical mark’. 1-2-3 Drop, Welcome Back To Nothing, Smokestacks And Skyscrapers, Right As Rain and First Step Misstep are songs in which we can find those new ‘mid-tempo’ beats.

When reaching Bright Lights Go Down, the sixth song on the release, the rhythm sweeps up and we’re getting a taste of the ‘old’ Face To Face again. Unfortunately, things slow down after this song and at that point everything goes downhill, in my opinion.

Three Chords is decent, but I can imagine that not all the fans who’ve been along for the ride for the last twenty years will be fully satisfied after hearing the entire release.

Face to Face - Three Chords And A Half Truth

Album title: 
Three Chords And A Half Truth
European release date: 
Tue, 04/09/2013

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Bright Lights Go Down