Face to Face - How to Ruin Everything

How to Ruin Everything

You cannot imagine how happy I was when I got this cd sent to me by a friend in Canada. I’m having trouble to make ends meet lately so I really have no money left to buy cd’s anymore..but I don’t wanna sound too pathetic.

I guess most of you know that they are reduced to a trio again after Chad Yaro left the band. I also guess most of you know what to expect from them, since Trever announced in numerous interviews that they were returning to their roots. Well, they did in some way, but musically, I’d consider it more a blend of their first album “Don’t turn away” and the more recent “Reactionary”. The power of Face To Face lies in their really basic song-structures, which makes it all really catchy, and recognisable. Put this together with, not to exaggerate, one of the best punkrock-voices around, and the outcome is…well…brilliant!

About the album: fifteen songs on this one! And Fifteen great songs they are! And as usual…every single lyric is a beauty. Little stories, daily-life stuff, lovesongs, it’s all there!

First one is “Bill of Goods”..and it starts off in true old-school punk-tradition, with lots of singalongs, it kinda reminds of DKM and The Clash put together but it still has that really personal Face To Face-touch in it.
“The Take Away” starts as a neat Rock ‘n Roll-song, and yes…you can sing along with it!
“14 hours’ is another rocking mid-tempo punkrockanthem…Actually, they’re all potential punkrockanthems…
“A wolf in sheep’s clothing”..the intro is Rancid-like (pay attention to the funky bass-line) but soon changes into a true face to face-classic soon to be….A bit darker in atmosphere this one…Great song!!
“the new way” is a song that could just as well be put on the “reactionary”-album.
Skip to track 8….”Unconditional”..This song just screams for special attention in a review. An extremely emotional song, wich once again, is a beauty in its simple form. Really great guitarparts in this one, which really moved me the first time I heard this song!
“Shoot the moon” is good to mention because it deals with their history in punkrock…when they were young and idealistic.
“Waiting to be saved” (track 12) is more a poppy-punkrock tune…which we know Face to Face is capable of writing. It has the same spirit as their self-titled album, which, up to now, was their best work! This song is more a socio-political statement, but the point is made, and it’s,once again, a great song!
Last track, the tiltle track of the album….a really fragile song, with only Trever singing and an acoustic guitar. A really moving song, with a certain amount of tragedy in the lyrics, as well as in Trevers gorgeous singing.

Of course, there is no album without any negative remarks. Sure, according to me this is their best album yet, but it is a fairly long one (46 minutes) and some songs are a bit repetitive.I think they could’ve left two or three songs off this one easily. But that’s it…If you like Trever’s voice, if you like Face to Face, if you like a bit of old-fashioned punkrock you should definitely buy this one.

Best songs: 
A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing