Boy Jumps Ship - Lovers & Fighters

Lovers & Fighters

Boy Jumps Ship hail from the North East of England: a band of working class lads writing and playing music about real life, playing anthemic guitar led alt rock, laden with honesty and integrity of a bygone time.

In late 2011 Boy Jumps Ship released their exuberant “Engines” debut EP containing four tracks of well-crafted, anthemic, catchy, alternative rock. 

A few days ago they released their newest EP called ‘Lovers & Fighters’.

The opening track ‘Make you Proud’ gives you the perfect image of the band’s capabilities. This songs starts off with an a cappella yelling choir telling us that this band isn’t scared and that they’re going to sleep when they’re dead. Well, I suppose that they’re telling us that their more than ready to rock and the fact that they signed with Rude Records a couple of months ago doesn’t scare them.

‘Still Alive’ is a bit rougher than ‘Make Me Proud’. This song doesn’t contain that catchy melody but just listen to the instrumental changes. The basis of this song and actually… of every song, sounds punkish but they are all filled with some extra experimental notes

‘Start a Riot (Sick of Trying)’ is another track that really stands out. The backing vocals make this song get stuck in your head pretty fast. I know I’ve been humming it for the last 10 minutes. Actually, the other two songs on the EP called ‘Call To Arms’ and We’re Not Giving Up’ contain those same catchy melodies, also due to the backing vocals.

I really like the "Fighters And Lovers" EP. It’s a very energetic, positively angled piece of music. I think this band has a lot of potential. And with two EP’s on their ‘musical Wall Of Fame’ they have to think about making a full-length in which they can keep that same energetic happiness . 

Boy Jumps Ship - Lovers and Fighters (EP)

Album title: 
Lovers and Fighters (EP)
European release date: 
Mon, 06/02/2014

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Best songs: 
Make You Proud