Bandage - North By Northeast

North By Northeast

Just before my trip to Malta I received this huge package from, far away, Athens (Greece). I think we’ve all heard of this place with its economic crisis, strikes, political instability etc. Well it’s also the home town of a punk band called ‘Bandage’.  Inside this package I found their debut album called ‘North by Northeast’. 

The first 3 songs on the album ‘Layers’, ‘Failure’ and ‘Never Forget’ are the songs that pop out the most, in my opinion. These songs immediately give us a proper image of this band and what they’re capable of. The songs contain lyrics which are influenced by personal and social problems and the message within these songs can be interpreted quite widely.

If I have to compare this band to a Belgian band I’m inclined to compare them with ‘The Fellows’, especially because of those multiple harmony vocals. It’s hard to explain why I spontaneously had to think of this band. I think it’s because of the same ‘atmosphere’ those songs contain. 

Another remarkable song is the last track in this album called ‘Constant Reminder’. The song consists of some ‘famous’ speeches/quotes from George Carlin combined with some excellent guitar techniques and occasionally some of Drossos’s singing parts (vocalist of the band).

With this release they surely earned their place in the Greek punk scene. I really enjoyed listening to these songs which easily get stuck in your head. They just have to keep doing what they are doing now: having fun and making some catchy punk songs! 

Best songs: 
Layers Constant Reminder