Alkaline Trio - Maybe I'll Catch Fire

Maybe I'll Catch Fire

Chicago emo punk-pop (with ex and current members off Slapstick, Blunt and Tuesday) on Asian Man, the label where you can expect any kind of punk. And I guess I must admit by now that this entire 'emo-rage' which is taking up a major part in today's punk environments starts getting to me more and more. Because this is another of those releases that, with The Get Up Kids and A New Found Glory, will be in my CD player quite often. Don't get me wrong here, although I'm talking of emo, this album has quite catchy songs on it with great and joyous guitar harmonies. There's not one bad song on this release, but Keep 'Em coming, Fuck You Aurora and Sleepyhead (Fugazi like song) deserve a special mentioning. Only song 10 Radio is a slower song, but even that one has a few built in climaxes which makes it one of the best songs on the album. Vocals (with terrific poetic lyrics) are just great: they make this record what it is: a definite should buy.

Best songs: 
Keep 'em Coming