Alkaline Trio - Live at the Metro DVD

Live at the Metro DVD

I do not think that this band needs an introduction, at least not to any fan of punk rock who hasn?t been living in a cave for the past two years or so. I first started to listen to the band when they released their ?From Here To Infirmary?-album back in 2001, and since then they really have become one of my favourite bands. As far as I?m concerned, they just keep getting better with every studio release the put out. Their split-cd with Hot Water Music (released just before the recording of this DVD, in the autumn of 2002) was nothing short of brilliant, and their latest album Good Mourning could very well be my favourite album of 2003, it is for sure in my top five! So as you probably figured out, this DVD was filmed on Halloween of 2002, at the Metro club located in the band?s hometown Chicago. It was however not released until almost a year later, I guess the production took longer than expected. The first song is an old B-side, a very catchy mid tempo song with good punch. Second out is a the faster-paced ?Madam Me?, which really gets the crowd going. The set list is a solid mixture between older and newer songs. There is no such thing as a bad or weak Alkaline Trio song, but I believe that they have selected most of their absolute gems for this release. If I have to pick out a few favourites it will have to be Another Innocent Girl, Maybe I?ll Catch Fire, Hell Yes and the best of them all: Queen Of Pain, which makes me shiver from pleasure every time I hear it. You can really tell how talented this band is through watching this DVD, their performance throughout the show is rock-solid and hardly any mistakes are ever made. The highlights of Alkaline Trios music are, apart from the songs themselves, of course both guitarist Matt Skiba?s and bass player Dan Andriano?s characteristic and rather different vocal styles. I really can?t decide whose voice I love the most. If you are a musician yourself, I believe you will appreciate the band?s skills with their instruments just as much as the vocals, and just as much as I do. Dan?s flawless and creative bass playing, and especially drummer Derek Grant?s impressive work behind the kit. He just adds little tweaks and elements to the songs that takes them to even higher levels, and he is just incredibly fun to watch when playing! Derek joined the band after the release of From Here To Infirmary, but he seems to have no problem with playing the songs recorded before he joined. Actually I think they sound better live, and with him playing the drums, than they do on the albums. So the music and musicianship of this DVD is just about as good as it gets, what about the quality of the DVD, what makes this better than just a live-CD? First of all, the sound quality of this DVD is almost equal to a well-made live album: it?s GREAT! You can tell this is not a million dollar production, it is filmed with hand-held cameras etcetera, but I think this works out just fine for capturing the energy of a punk rock show, but why did they film the crowd so much? It?s the band I want to see, not Chicago?s native punks! I do not however understand why the sound of a DVD always has to be mastered with a lower volume than a music-CD. The only complaints I can think of regarding the DVD is that in some sequences of the film there are small synchronizing problems between the video and the sound. This is nothing most of you probably won?t even notice though. The extra-material of the DVD is pretty average, with photos, multi-angle-option, and some very un-interesting backstage footage. My opinion is that they could and should have added an interview with the band or something to make it even more interesting. It says on the cover of the DVD that there is supposed to be ?Band commentary? included, I have however not been able to locate this feature?The other ?negative? thing I have to say is not really a complaint. I just wish they would have waited with filming this DVD until the band had released Good Mourning, because I would really have loved to hear their newest songs live as well! To conclude, this is a well-produced DVD featuring one of the best bands on the planet. The band put up a tight show yet they are still very fun to watch. All of the songs they?ve chosen sound great, and I can?t really think of any changes that I would have wanted to make to the set list.

Best songs: 
Queen Of Pain