Alkaline Trio - From Here to Infirmary

From Here to Infirmary

Everything involves alchohol, women, and misery. In case you are a fan of the Chicago Trio, if it was anything else it just wouldn't be depressing enough to be an Alkaline Trio record. As a long time fan myself, I was looking forward to this release, their first on Vagrant. With the almost utter perfection of melancholy and somewhat punk, somewhat not music from their Asian Man records days I assumed this was destined to follow suit. Their first record 'goddamnit' was really really fucking depressing. If you didn't hurl yourself onto a sharp embankment of pungee sticks after listening to it, you were in luck. The second and complimentary 'maybe ill catch fire' was released. A bit more midtempo but again, c'mon this isn't what you need to listen to if you even think love sometimes works. Yet somehow if things are so bad, how do the alkaline guys get so many 'fine honeys'? I forgot, this record is what you want to hear about. The new drummer, who is also 80 pounds lighter than Calista Flockhart, doesn't seem to have shook up the music that much. The music is standard trio fare, partly sounding similar due to Producer Matt Allisons fine fine turn again at tweaking the knobs(and who blames them). 'Private Eye' is a good song, but the opening riff sounds similar to 'Madam me'. Despite the consistency of the record, it lacks the overall flawlessness of past (meaning all other) trio efforts. Is it a bad record? Hardly, but some specific things I'll mention. Lyrically, its a little too standard. The songs are less from the brokenhearted side and sound more on the side of the jilter, and are more accepting blame for fucking life up than blaming the girl, and/or circumstances. Some of the songs are too verse/chorus/chorus/yes repeat another chorus. The problem is these are great songs that just seemed to not been developed fully only having room for a repetition of chorus. Admittedly, I prefer Dan's songs but I'll list the standouts. 'Mister Chainsaw' is a perfect song for the trio to play while on their mini-tour with Blink-182 right after Blink plays their 'growing up' song. The wonderful melancholy of the trio will hopefully frighten many many chlidren into abstinence and sobriety. But wheres the fun in that. If your looking for a record full of 'Radio' or 'San Francisco' (or on a personal note, my fave 'youve got so far to go') it has for the first time in my opinion trio 'filler' songs ('im dying tomorrow'). But after time has passed, I am warming up to those songs. So definately buy it, love it, wish these guys some luck, and if you see them, tell em to stop watching so much bowling. Don't write off this record, but it isn't what I expected to follow 'Maybe ill....'. Oh, get the new 7', I like it alot. And watch for the track 'dead end road' to be on a charity comp. coming out on Asian man records with unreleased tracks by hot water music, and face to face.

Best songs: 
Private Eye