A200 club - Once in a Lifetime

Once in a Lifetime

This one contains some of the most tearjerking pop punk melodies you've probable ever heard. Great guitar-riffs together with some cool singing: a perfect mix between Lagwagon and Blink-182. Listen to the ska-influences on 'Stan and Story friends' and the nice reverb effects used in 'Valley'. Only somewhat negative thing, is the fact that some of you may find the vocals a bit too 'emo'. Next to this, I guess 'Once In A Lifetime' and 'An Explanation (Is Our Reward)' are kind of the best songs of the album, but who am I... Another song you must have heard is 'Way Of Life', the only song on the album that's written by Koen, who plays the guitars (the others are by drummer/vocalist Stijn). It contains some great guitar and vocal parts, I mean, listen to those backings in combination with the lead vocals... Pretty cool. I'd like some more of that next time.

Best songs: 
Once In A Lifetime