88 Fingers Louie - Back on the Streets

Back on the Streets

Funny little story to go with this: my daughter Luna was born the same day as this album's release date. I suggested the band to change song 7 (Joyboy) to Joygirl. :-) After going their separate ways about two years ago, these longtime Chicago skate punks have gotten back together again in the end of 1998, playing fast paced melodic punk rock. The new line up includes vocalist Denis Buckley, guitarist Dan Wlekinski, bassist Joe Principe, and drummer John Carroll, although the sound is pretty much the same as on their previous album Behind Bars. Denis sometimes seems to have some trouble with the higher notes, but that's what makes 88FL so unique. This CD only gets better towards the end of the CD. 'Elmer's' and '100 Proof' are two of my favorite songs for 1998 and the Bad Brains' song 'FVK' is just pure quality which is rare for covers. Although there's a couple love-songs on this one, 88 Fingers lyrics are worth the reading, they aren't just scrambled words. Even more than their studio work I love them performing live. I saw them twice (in the two line-ups) and both concerts were just unforgettable.

Best songs: