7 Seconds - Good to Go

Good to Go

I really thought this band had finished for me after 2 really weak releases at the end of the 80's, but legendary Kevin Seconds and his mates decided to go back to their roots with this one and dear me, were they right! I guess most of you readers weren't born or just sucking your mother's nipples but for me (old sucker) this was THE band that introduced me to US-punkrock in the early 80's. They started of with BYO to change labels 4 or 5 times more (including one major) before ending up in the Indie-scene again with this release on SideOneDummy (also featuring f.e. 22 Jacks and Suicidal Tendencies). Alot of punks and some of the best bands nowadays refer to this band as their inspiration both musically and emotionally. As for the songs: they just sound like in the old days, which means the fast and high vocals are just ... (well I guess the best I like 'em) fantastic. Some people might disagree on that behalf, but I'm sure alot of you out there will love the music. Some songs remind me of the early Pennywise tracks (on their S/T album), while others could have been written by Youth Brigade. Although I usually love the dual vocals I have to say this is the only critic I can give on this release: maybe a bit too many WOW's, that cut the energy out of the songs. The pace of the songs is just fabulous. And you don't get the time to breath in between songs, just a millisecond to seperate them. After almost 20 years Seconds still keeps the same themes in his lyrics: no political ideologie but togetherness, never giving up, supporting the scene. That's what punkrock is about, no? So I surely hope this will be the start of a new 7Seconds era, but then again maybe I feel a bit too involved for you kids because this band rminds me of those 'good old days'. But I'd love to see this band back on this right track, so I really hope you'll pick this one up. You won't regret it.

Best songs: 
Here We Go Again Kids