59 Times the Pain - Calling the Public

Calling the Public

Since I own practically all of their previous work and I loved their recent live act on the latest Groez Rock Festival (April 2001) I was full of expectations for this new album. I previously wrote in the review of their album before this (End of the Millennium) that 59 TTP was one of the few hardcore bands I really like, but something has happened with the sound: the hardcore seems to have disappeared and made room for some Clash, later Rancid (cfr. 'And out Come the Wolves') kind of sound. And I'm not sure if I like it. I even went to look for line-up changes, but it's the same 4 guys that performed on this one. It's not until song 4 that I recognized Magnus' typical voice. Well, maybe time will tell whether or not I'll have to reconsider my opinion, but I really think it's their weakest album ever. Maybe they assumed their music needed some more availabilty to the broader listeners, but mostly that's a poor decision for any band. I don't really appreciate this retro approach (I thought even the guitar sounds were produced or distorted to make them sound old in some songs), but I have to admit that songs like 'Calling the Public', 'Welcome to 21st Century' and 'Cash on Delivery' have some potential to become good songs when you listen to them more often, because of their simplicity. All in all I can't say the album is really bad, and I'm sure it will grow on me because while I'm writing this I'm listening to this thing a fourth time in a row and I already started to whistle along with the choruses. Reminds me of that Rancid period in the mid 90's.

Best songs: 
Welcome to the 21st Century