5 Days Off - Ripping the Field

Ripping the Field

After the release of 'Dedicated To You', a split-cd with that other local hardcore-legend, Not That Straight, 'Ripping The Field' is the first full-length album by these Belgian punks, showing us this splendid mix of good ol' 'Iron Maiden'-like hardrock and fast melodic skatepunk. The album starts with a pretty nice sample (that could have been taken from your favourite video game) after which 12 first-class punkrock take you to a trip to heaven and back. Songs as 'Peas And Carrots', I guess the most 'mellow' one on the album, and 'Disco-mmunication', containing the nicest melodic punkrock tunes, show us some pretty cool songwriting. Lyrically, most of the songs are about the 'personal politics': love, anger, questions, confidence... Five Days Off gets compared with bands like Satanic Surfers and Strung Out most of the time, mostly for the way these guys combine melodic vocals with fast-as-hell 'technical' guitar-riffs. Listen to songs such as '42 Seconds' and get blown away. These guys played together with Satanic Surfers, Down By Law, Strung Out... just to name a few - I mean, do I still need to convince anyone?

Best songs: 
Peas and Carrots