22 Jacks - Going North

Going North

Steve Soto (formerly from the legendary Adolescents and Agent Orange) and Joe Sib (formerly Wax) formed this band in late '95, together with some Weezer and Face To Face members, which were later replaced. All this sounds very promising, but for me the album was a complete letdown. I really couldn't get myself to listen to this record more than 2 times to write this review. The first 3 songs are listenable, I admit, it sounds something like recent Face To Face work (although that's no good reference I guess at this time with their disappointing latest album). From then on the album bored me to dead, with slow rocking songs. The one lightpoint I see was song 5 The Eleventh Hour, with a good recognizable refrain. Song 6 made me think this was The Blues Brothers's resurrection, with the fucking horns and all included. Song 8 could have been a Joe Jackson song. And as all of this wasn't enough, those guys manage to get really boring with a pure ballad as the finishing song. No really, this one's not what I expect from a good punk rock release, even if those guys are almost legendary band members. I know there's some tendency in the scene towards more emo or poppy sounds and I even like alot of those bands, but this one couldn't satisfy me. Just no spirit in it.

Best songs: 
The Eleventh Hour