The Road Home

Today we’ve had the pleasure to interview Dutch band The Road Home who came through Belgium during their 'Young Vigilantes Tour'. Take a look at what the Christoffel bothers so eloquently told us… 

Hi guys, how are you?

Both: Hi! We’re fine, thanks!

So, today you’re here on your “Young Vigilantes” tour, this being the 4th show on that tour. Before that, you were able to play three home games  in your own country, The Netherlands. How was it?

Kenneth: Oh, it was superb! We were just talking about it yesterday. They were three completely different shows, but that’s just what made it a lot of fun. We started out in Tilburg, in the south of The Netherlands, doing an in-store show. That was really cool, seeing it was the first time we ever did that. The day after that we played in our home town, Enschede in a sold-out venue which could hold no less than 850 people. That made it one of the biggest club shows we’ve ever done. And yesterday we played in Barneveld and there everybody went crazy as well, people stagediving and all! The atmosphere’s been great everywhere we’ve been up until now!

Luke: Yeah, I even went up in the air with my guitar still wrapped around my neck. So, I had a great time!

Well, sounds like a lot of fun! I hope I’ll get to see some pictures soon.

Both: Yes, of course!

So now you’re taking your music abroad. Today you’re doing the only show in Belgium on this tour. But you’ve been here before: with “Moustache” in Leuven and with “Dear Hearts” in Deinze and you’ve already played a show in Aarschot. How’s the support for you guys in Belgium?

Kenneth: It’s been good! People show up at our performances and they buy our merchandise products. They also take the time to come and talk to us after the show. I think, for us, that’s a really good indication of what the support is like.

Luke: Yeah, that’s really valuable!

Kenneth: And we’ve also had a couple of good reviews for our albums (winks at us), so that’s all great! Especially when you take into account the few shows we’ve been able to do here up until now… And anyways, we really like playing here. It’s not that far from home, so yeah!

Indeed, we’ve already written some positive reviews for your EP’s “Old hearts” and “Too Cold”… Now, a question you may have had to answer many times before, but… In other interviews you told us we might/can expect a full-length album coming out in 2014. And well, what do you know? This is 2014 J.

LukeHaha, yes… What will happen? Well, we’re working on that now, in pre-production. We hope to be able to release it this year, but the schedule is really tight, so we might have to postpone it until the beginning of 2015. But it is coming! Tonight we’re even playing two new songs, so you kind of get the scoop on them today. So anyways, the pre-production sounds really good, I think it’s going to be an awesome record!

We’re looking forward to it! Now, right before I came here, I saw a new video of yours pop-up on my screen. It was a song called “Starting Over”. I really liked it! Will it be on the new album, too?

Luke: We don’t know yet! That really is a brand new song… I think we’ve only played it twice or thrice live now. So yes, maybe, we’ll see… If you like it that much, then yeah! It should be on there! (laughs)

Kenneth: Yes, well at the moment we’re writing lots of new material and afterwards we’ll have to make a good selection of what gets on the record and what doesn’t.

So the tone you’re setting with a song like “Starting Over”, will that set the tone for the entire album as well? Because you’ve done so many different things up until now…

Kenneth: I think it’s not really safe to say that, because, well, the sound evolves together with us as a band. Starting Over is a new song, but we’ve got some other new songs as well and they all match when you listen to them, but they still have their own characteristics. All together they still sound like The Road Home and that’s the most important thing, I guess.

And I’ve read that making videos like this one is quite important to you, as a way of gaining some support abroad?

Kenneth: Yeah, right before we went on tour, we decided that it would be fun to take some friends of ours along with us, who know a thing or two about making videos. Things like that just happen spontaneously and most of the time spontaneous ideas are the best ideas! Who knows, maybe people in other countries will be able to sing along to the song next week! (laughs)

Being in a band that’s gained the success you’ve gained in a rather short period of time, must have had some effect on your personal lives as well, I imagine?

Kenneth: It’s been really busy. We’re going on tour, some of us are still studying, we’ve got relationships, apartments… But this is definitely what we want to do. We made the choice to play music and we haven’t regretted making that choice. Last year, for instance, we played between 90 and 100 shows. So, that basically means that we were never at home during the weekends. It takes some sacrifice, but it still is the most beautiful thing there is to us!

I’ve read that you’re Bruce Springsteen fans. Does that show in any way in your own music?

Kenneth: Well, I think that subconsciously you take some of the influences you get from other bands which you like and use them in your own music.

LukeI’m a big Springsteen fan. What I get from his music is hope. He often writes about things that go on in our daily lives. And I think it’s beautiful when you can translate stuff like that, which everybody can relate to, to music. So, I think that is mostly what we try to do as well. We often write about our home town, but also about personal matters and translating those things to music is the art to which we tend to strive…

Kenneth: Indeed, and whenever you see artists play a live concert, you take the memories and the feelings and you use those experiences.

When it comes to you playing live, you seem to really love playing in home town Enschede more than anywhere else. Haven’t you ever found the same kind of atmosphere in any other place?

Kenneth: I think it’s that way for many bands. We’re very proud to be able to play in our own town, seeing that it’s not that big and that nowadays not too many bands from our region get to play national shows. So it’s always a lots of fun performing there. It’s really cool you get to play for an entire venue full of people you know… On the other hand… It’s also really nerve-wrecking because you know everyone there! But, you know, we’ve played at lots of cool venues, which we would gladly play at again one day. The atmosphere is always great everywhere we go.

Last question. So, looking at my personal life… I think for me it would be really difficult to work so closely together with my sister all the time. How is that for you guys, being brothers?

Kenneth: Well, it’s funny, but no one’s ever asked us that before…

Luke: No, indeed. It is funny, because before we started The Road Home, I was in a band with our other brother who plays in Vandenberg’s Moonkings. And at that time Kenneth played in a punk rock band. When my band split up, I had the choice to do whatever I wanted and still, here I am, in a band with Kenneth. I think that says it all. We’re just a really good team. Of course, sometimes there are differences of opinion, but I have that with all of the band members, not just my brother… Anyways, we really don’t have an Oasis-Gallagher-story (laughs)!

Kenneth: We know exactly what to expect from each other and I think there’s a good synergy between us. So for us, it works really well!

Okay, Kenneth, Luke, I wish you the best of luck, not only today, but also for the rest of the tour and the recording of the album. Thanks a lot for doing this interview with us!

BothThank you!