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I stumbled upon a 'not-so-funny-facebookcomment' by The Swellers. I hope this is a cruel joke but if this is for real... well... we're losing a great band. Give them your last support! And who knows... Maybe they'll come back?
The Swellers performed a few acoustic tracks at the No Sleep Records office recently. The band's latest album,The Light Under Closed Doors, is out now. Fans can check out the performance below.
The Swellers have posted the final installment of their tour documentary, Running Out Of Places To Go. The series chronicles the band's self-booked tour over a period of six weeks. Fans can check out the last episode below. Leave us a comment with your thoughts! The band's latest album, The Light...
The Swellers have released the fourth episode of their tour documentary “Running Out Of Places To Go.” The series covers the band traveling across the country on their self-booked tour. You can check out the new episode below (You can also watch Episodes 1, 2 and 3.) The band released their latest...
The Swellers premiered their new music video "Got Social" on MTVU today. The song is from their latest full-length, The Light Under Closed Doors which released in late October.
A few days ago The Swellers premiered a video for their new song “ High/Low ” from their forthcoming album, The Light Under Closed Doors , which is scheduled for release on October 29th via No Sleep Records.
The Swellers have posted a video for "High/Low." It was as co-directed by Jack Schmier and The Swellers' drummer Jonathan Diener. The record is titled The Light Under Closed Doors and is due out October 29, 2013.
Punk rock band The Swellers has premiered a new video for the title track from their recently reissued EP, Running Out Of Places To Go. Click this link:
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